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Procrastinator Club’s Weekly Update:

Due to bad timing, our first meeting will be rescheduled eventually.

Did you know?

Cats have two vocal cords.

 French fries were originaly made in Belguim.

The Vikings were the first to discover America.

Cheese pizza is my favorite pizza. :^)


I met a fellow

Named Othello.

He liked to bellow,

“I like the color yellow,

I eat jello,

and i play the cello.”

He was very mellow.

So i called him yellow mellow.

The End



Burger Shack will be the last Steve the Polar Bear for this week. i will post another monday. Please check my blog daily, i will be posting funny poems and short stories on weekends. Rudith, out.


Along with my comic, Steve the Polar Bear, i will also be posting some small stories. What should be my first short story hmmmm????

Hi! This is my first website/blog so please hang in with me. My comic, Steve the Polar Bear, is about a polar bear, named Steve, and his friend/companian. Steve is a very, strange polar bear. so enjoy!